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The Changes in Value of Stuff Over Generations

Posted in | By: April Freund
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As a mother of 5 young adults and teens it has amazed me as I have watched the change in attitudes toward the value of “things” that they purchase and use. 

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May 01 ,2017

That Special Extra Chromosome!

We have all seen children and adults with Downs Syndrome at some point in our life. Some of our families have actually been directly affected by this.

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April 26 ,2017

Because We've Always Done it This Way

Our company specializes in helping human services and healthcare agencies become more efficient with their resources and improve the outcomes for those they serve.  Whether it’s children that need a "forever family", the elderly or people struggling with addiction recovery, our goal is to help those that serve them have an easier way to record and report on the data they collect.

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March 20 ,2017

Saving One Baby at a Time


Years ago I had the urge to physically volunteer for a good cause and it was quite rewarding.  Although I don’t physically volunteer there we continue to support their mission.

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March 02 ,2017

Why It’s Important to Be Present for Each Other

In this age of social media and all the virtual ways we can connect, it’s still important to make sure and be in front of each other on a regular basis.

In college I studied Speech Communication and one particular story told by the instructor really stuck with me through all of these years. The story starts with the instructor talking about a Rolling Stones concert he attended when he lived in LA. The concert was going to be held at the football stadium and the crowd was unbelievably huge. He had a hard time convincing his new wife to go as she cited the traffic, crowds, late night out when she was going to have to go to work early the next day. After much discussion she finally agreed to attend. To avoid some of the traffic issues they decided to arrive pretty early in the afternoon. The instructor described her demeanor as less than happy to be there. As the crowd started moving in and the stadium getting more active he describes a change in her attitude as well as the crowd. There was an electrical feeling in the air as the sound tests were being done and you could hear the roadies tuning and testing instruments. He describes the growing excitement and that by the time the Stones actually came on the stage she was literally jumping up and down and so glad she was there.

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January 31 ,2017

It's more than banana pudding...

Posted in Fun Stuff | By: April Freund

My sweet Mom, who is now 93, has always been a great example of true motherhood.  Although she was not able to biologically have children she adopted me and my sister when we were very little.  She’s the only Mom I’ve ever known and being part of the foster/adoptive world through our software business means a lot to me.  

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October 07 ,2016

Coliseum Design Still Best Today

Posted in Insider | By: April Freund

I had the privilege of making a trip to Italy a couple of years ago and the ancient feel of buildings and other structures was very much in full display.  One would think it would be there only for historic exposure and aesthetic purposes but a tour of the Coliseum revealed something very different. 

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August 02 ,2016

In Great Company

As a software vendor in the Health and Human Services arena it’s inspiring to be partnered with agencies that work tirelessly to help others.

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July 18 ,2016

Do What You Love And You’ll Never Work A Day In Your Life!

The title says it all.

How did we get to a place where most baby boomers work for a paycheck instead of doing what they love? I know for most of my generation (that is the last wave of the baby boomers) it is true that we go for the money more than for the gratification. We simply have a hard time understanding the younger generation’s focus on quality of life versus income.

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June 30 ,2016

How A CEO of a Software Company Came to Understand the Pain of a Software Implementation

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June 15 ,2016

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