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November 29 ,2017

OJJDP Announces 2018 National Missing Children’s Day Poster Contest

OJJDP invites fifth graders to participate in the 2018 National Missing Children’s Day poster contest.

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November 28 ,2017

How to Prevent Child Abuse - Guide

Posted in Child Welfare | By: George Ritacco

Preventing child abuse can be difficult.  Often times we feel helpless against widespread abuse. The folks over at Denmon | Pearlman created a resource guide to help promote child abuse prevention. 

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November 27 ,2017

The Johnson Amendment

Posted in Nonprofit General | By: GVT Admin

The current administration in Washington is seeking to repeal the so-called Johnson Amendment in the cause of free speech. This is an issue of critical importance to all nonprofit organizations. While adhering to our long-standing position of not taking sides in the political debate, we would like to take this opportunity to call attention to the impending repeal of the Johnson Amendment.

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November 22 ,2017

OJJDP Publishes Updates on Comprehensive Juvenile Justice System Improvement Initiative

In 2014, OJJDP selected Kentucky, Hawaii, and Georgia to participate in its Comprehensive Juvenile Justice System Improvement Initiative. Since then, South Dakota and West Virginia (2015), Kansas (2016), and Utah (2017) have joined the initiative. Under the initiative’s Comprehensive Strategy to Juvenile Justice Reform, these states are working to provide diversion alternatives, community-based options, and other improvements to reduce recidivism, decrease correctional spending, and improve public safety. OJJDP awarded funding to the Crime and Justice Institute of Community Resources for Justice to provide training and technical assistance to help these states implement their juvenile justice improvements.

The following OJJDP-sponsored publications provide implementation updates for each state:

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November 17 ,2017

Women as Leaders


A recent cry of surprise has gone up from pundits over the recent election of so many women as mayors of our cities. In a recent NPQ article, Cyndi Suarez reported the following election results:

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November 14 ,2017

Create a Plan for Thanking Your Donors

This weeks Movie Mondays fundraising tip is in - enjoy!

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November 13 ,2017

Who Will Care for The Boomers?

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November 13 ,2017

Improve Social Worker Productivity With Workflow Tools

Having access to the right information at the right time is at the heart of a social worker's ability to do his or her job in a timely and efficient manner. Being able to process and organize information received helps ensure that productivity increases, even as the industry as a whole is seeing more pressure.

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November 07 ,2017

3 Steps to Simplifying Your Referral Process - A Referral Process Makeover

If you’re like most agencies, the people you serve have come to you through a referral process.  Being able to track where you get your “clients” or “kids” or “students”, etc. (for this article let’s refer to them as clients) is vitally important to your business model.  Clients may be referred to you through the schools, courts, hospitals, jails, DHS, and other organizations that provide complimentary services.

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November 06 ,2017

9 Things Your Donors Really Want

In this week's Movie Monday's fundraising strategy video, you'll learn how one university raises money from 63% of their alumni (the national average is only 13%). 

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November 06 ,2017

Where Have All The Parents Gone?

The iconic image of the insouciant, slovenly-dressed millennial lounging on the sofa waiting for Uber Eats to deliver his dinner so he can begin an online electronic game competition is not the random product of some writer’s overactive imagination. This self-absorbed, lazy, narcissistic creature didn’t just step off a spaceship and suddenly populate the earth. These “young-uns” have parents. Where were they when this truculent creature began to emerge?  This is the question that Cathy Gulli is trying to answer.

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November 02 ,2017

OJJDP - funded Bulletin Supports Diversion for Youth with Behavioral Health Needs

The National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, with support from OJJDP, have released "Disrupting School-Justice Pathways for Youth with Behavioral Health Needs." This technical assistance bulletin provides response strategies for stakeholders to divert youth with behavioral health needs away from the juvenile justice system.

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November 02 ,2017

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