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A Simple Year-End Email Campaign That Will Increase Your Fundraising

It doesn’t get much easier than this.

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October 30 ,2017

Technology and Social Work - Managing Risk

Social work is not immune to the ethical issues introduced by the ubiquitous presence of new technology. The use of laptops, tablets, and cellphones outside the safety and security of the office environment, connecting to public Wi-Fi, “liking” posts on Facebook, tracking hashtags on Twitter, sending messages via Snapchat, and pinning pictures on Pinterest all engage a vastly more efficient, but less secure communication environment. Given the nature of the duties social workers are engaged in, their involvement with vulnerable populations, and the trust they seek to establish with their clients, the need for expert guidance in how to navigate this terrain is extremely important.

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October 24 ,2017

What happens when you loose 65% of your donor base in one year?

Ever lose a series of donors in a quick period of time?  Want a great resolution?  Check out this video from the team at Movie Monday's!

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October 23 ,2017

Try as We Might - The National Effort to Improve Public Education

The debate over what to do about the declining quality of public education continues unabated. The unyielding stance taken by the teacher’s union, the economic decline of rust-belt, inner-city neighborhoods, the erosion of the two-parent home, and the unmanaged growth of immigration are all blamed for the decline. There doesn’t seem to be an answer that everyone can agree on.

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October 18 ,2017

How to find million dollar stories

This week's Movie Monday's Fundraising tip is in.  Enjoy!  Can a story really be worth a million dollars?


In today's episode you'll meet Jeff Schreifels. He is a leading expert in developing strategies for major donor programs.

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October 17 ,2017

From Scarcity to Generosity - One Woman's Journey on the Road to Giving

The traditional view of the nonprofit donor is an American industrialist sitting on a vast fortune that he can afford and is inclined to donate to a worthy cause. Rarely do we think of the American middle class as part of the American donor class. To the contrary, however, research reveals that the greater majority of nonprofit donors are from the American middle class.

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October 11 ,2017

Connecting with Donors Through Direct Mail

If you write letters to help fundraise for your agency, then you know the challenges with what to write, the tone you take, how to get your letter opened, conversion rates and the like!  This week's Movie Monday's Fundraising Tip is in and it's a good one!  You'll find out about Tom who is one of the most sought out donor communications writers in the world and his style of writing.  Some great tips to share - enjoy!

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October 09 ,2017

Social Services - The Last 20 Years

A Dramatic Transformation

Global Vision Technologies is celebrating its twentieth anniversary as a leading developer of case management software for governmental and non-profit social service agencies. Over the past twenty years we have participated in the astounding growth of social service agencies, services, case workers, and clients.

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October 09 ,2017

Stop Guessing About Your Donors

This week's Movie Monday's fundraising tip is in.  I've shared it below - enjoy!

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October 02 ,2017

Natural Disasters Lead to Time of Need for Social Workers

In terms of natural disasters, 2017 has proven itself to be a record year. The ongoing fires affecting Canada as well as the western United States of California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Montana and Washington state were just the beginning of a tumultuous period that doesn't look like it will end anytime soon. These were coupled with back-to-back hurricanes that lashed Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and have left untold devastation behind. At no other time in recent history has the need for social workers been so urgent and necessary.

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October 02 ,2017

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