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Peace of Mind


In a recent interview with J.A. Leyrer, MSW, we discussed her 30-year career in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and asked if she might share the secret to her success. This is a short excerpt from that interview.

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March 30 ,2017

How to Improve Your Agency's Infrastructure For Long-term Care

Baby boomers are a lot more than just the generation of people born in the years immediately following World War II. They're our mothers, our fathers, our neighbors and our friends. They're also one of the most significant generations in American history, at least as far as sheer numbers are concerned. Most studies say that by the closing days of 1946 - the first official year of the "baby boom" - there were roughly 2.4 million people among the demographic. Flash-forward to 1964 - the final official year of the boom - and that number had grown to 72.5 million. Add in people who immigrated to the United States and you're looking at a total population of about 78.8 million people.

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March 29 ,2017

Increase Your Donor Retention and Response Rates

Hello!  The folks at Movie Mondays poped out a great new video today on donor retention.  You need to check it out!


Would you like to raise more money with your newsletters, website, annual report, direct mail, and your other donor communications?

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March 27 ,2017

Mutiny on the Bounty


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March 22 ,2017

Movie Mondays - New Video Series Announcement

The following is an announcement of a new video series from the folks at Movie Mondays. Movie Mondays is a company that delivers though provoking, creative, effective and helpful videos on the topic of fundraising. 

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March 21 ,2017

Because We've Always Done it This Way

Our company specializes in helping human services and healthcare agencies become more efficient with their resources and improve the outcomes for those they serve.  Whether it’s children that need a "forever family", the elderly or people struggling with addiction recovery, our goal is to help those that serve them have an easier way to record and report on the data they collect.

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March 20 ,2017

7 Principles of a Successful Customer Service Department

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March 17 ,2017

20 Million Starving to Death - Right Now!


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March 16 ,2017

Veterans Helping Veterans

After feeling as though the system is failing our veterans and seeing too many of our service people homeless and on the streets... a group of 4 veterans take on the challenge of creating tiny houses for those who have served our nation.  Please read their story.  

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March 15 ,2017

A Foster Care Success Story to Share - The Bailey Family Story

Wanted to share an inspirational story of foster care that turned into an adoption in Arkansas.  Meet Chase and the Bailey family and watch this short video. 

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March 14 ,2017

Focusing Your Message on What Motivates Your Donors

Hey - Happy Monday!

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March 13 ,2017

The Disgrace of Food Waste


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March 09 ,2017

There They Go.. and I Must Catch Up For I am Their Leader


When I was younger, all I wanted from my manager or supervisor was that they knew something about what I did, so they could give me guidance.  There was always an understanding between us and I could feel good knowing we were on the same page.  I had the most respect for that leader that backed me up when I wasn’t there, went to bat for me knowing my role in the organization was fulfilling the need I was hired to meet, and that I was doing everything we mutually agreed I should do.

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March 07 ,2017

Social Workers are Super Heroes

Hello.  I came across this great video from the TED Talks network that I watched on YOUTUBE.  I wanted to share it with everyone.  Dr. Annay Scheyett, PhD gives a great 7 minute presentation on why social workers

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March 06 ,2017

Saving One Baby at a Time


Years ago I had the urge to physically volunteer for a good cause and it was quite rewarding.  Although I don’t physically volunteer there we continue to support their mission.

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March 02 ,2017

How to Inspire Audiences to Give More

This post comes to us from our friends at Movie Monday's.  Check it out - it's great fundraising advice!

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March 01 ,2017

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