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6 Ways Dungeons and Dragons Builds Life Skills

Posted in Fun Stuff | By: Chris Ettere

For the majority of its life, Dungeons & Dragons has attracted fear, ridicule and threats of censorship from those who don’t play or understand the game. It is surrounded by a storm of negative connotations and emotions. David M. Ewalt, the author of “Of Dice and Men: The Story of Dungeons & Dragons and the People Who Play It,” writes, “If you’re an adult who plays … you’re a loser, you’re a freak, you live in your parents’ basement.”

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August 31 ,2016

Change Management Starts With... Why

Have you ever had one of those days where you think, "I have no idea what I am doing"?

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August 30 ,2016

My Five Favorite Apps

Today’s hectic technology driven culture is so fast paced that oftentimes we need a little bit of help to get through the day.  I’ve created a list of five of my favorite apps that help me plan, navigate, and prepare for a perfect day.

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August 24 ,2016

…More About Teachers

Posted in Insider | By: George Ritacco

Rarely does this blog get on “a roll” or a “mission”. However, if you read last week’s blog you are aware of the critical shortage of teachers our nation is facing and why the educational establishment does not seem to have a solution. I have come across additional disturbing information regarding the teacher shortage that I feel compelled to share with my colleagues working in social services. 

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August 24 ,2016

Is Making Money a Social Worker's Kryptonite?

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As a former social worker I found this a really interesting idea and I’m still trying to make my mind up? 

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August 18 ,2016

Teachers... Unappreciated and Under Compensated

Much of the current political debate centers around:

  • The loss of jobs and opportunities for the middle class-
  • Whether college should be free for all Americans-
  • How the Millennials can be expected to pay back the $ 1.3 trillion of college debt they have accumulated when they are left to default to jobs in McDonald’s-
  • The job flight to third world countries causing the plight of our rust belt industrial inner cities-
  • The cycle of crime and destitution that imprisons undereducated minorities-
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August 17 ,2016

How a Software Implementation is Like a Trip to Mexico

So here you are.  You're ready to embark on a new software implementation and you're looking at the steps to take to make the best and smartest use of your time.

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August 16 ,2016

OJJDP Statistical Briefing Book Offers Data Snapshot on Youth Residential Facilities

OJJDP recently introduced a Data Snapshot series on its Statistical Briefing Book (SBB) to disseminate current research and statistical information about youth in the juvenile justice system. Each one-page Snapshot focuses on a specific topic and highlights policy-relevant findings. The latest Data Snapshot focuses on the changing nature of facility populations, characteristics, and practices from data that OJJDP's Juvenile Residential Facility Census collected in 2014.

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August 11 ,2016

What Sets Our Case Management Platform Apart?

FAMCare, an innovative and creative, human services-focused case management platform that is web-based, is different from others in the industry. Knowing the reasons that set it apart highlights the advantages it offers those individuals — the healthcare providers, caseworkers, foster care parents and countless others — who directly influence and care for the most vulnerable population in the country — children.

Forward Thinking Longevity

In 2001, Global Vision Technologies (GVT), the company behind FAMCare case management software, set out to provide a robust set of information management tools that are simple to use and easy to implement, while also being sophisticated enough to handle a range of tasks and affordable enough for agencies that are strapped for resources. FAMCare, the first web-based human services system of its kind, was launched. The platform has continued to introduce innovative features that help streamline the processes necessary to manage information for children and families, appropriately. Its primary goal is to support those individuals who are on the front lines of caring for children and families so they can make the best decisions.

A Unique Case Management System

GVT built FAMCare using its proprietary platform, known as Visions Server. This server includes four specialized processors that are able to rapidly disseminate information and implement solutions based on daily activities in a customizable and configurable way. This assists each agency in developing the type of platform that best meets its specialized and unique needs.

Security and Protection

GVT's FAMCare software provides the tools needed to collect valuable data that allows the people who are responsible for vulnerable children to make a difference in their lives. Full training and support is provided to each client to aid them in the smooth implementation of FAMCare. Utilizing top-notch security parameters and protocols for both the front end and the back end keep information secure and protected. The FAMCare platform delivers unbeatable consistency, stability and productivity with a 99.9 percent rate of uptime.

Core Values

The GVT core values are evident in both everything they do and everything FAMCare is. As technology continues to open new pathways to solutions, success and productivity, it is integrated into the platform. They are meticulous in delivering what their clients need and dedicated to providing only those solutions that excel. Proactive and self-motivated, the team behind FAMCare constantly looks for methods of improvement before they are needed and searches for ways to better meet the needs of their customers.

Global Vision Technologies has been leading the industry in providing solutions in the form of crisp, powerful and intuitive custom and off-the-shelf software for agencies in the human services, healthcare and social services sectors. Throughout it all, they never forget about the vision, humility and devotion that courses through the veins of those people who are at the forefront of change in the lives of society's most vulnerable children and their families.
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August 11 ,2016

Big Fish in a Small Pond

GVT is an I.T. consulting company that leverages its proprietary human services software platform FAMCare - to help agencies get better results.  We specialize in delivering tailored case management solutions - rapidly and efficiently.  Our team is comprised of subject matter experts from social services, project management, and I.T. and our core team has been together for 15+ years.  Over the years - we've gone through a few iterations of our software, process and people, but have managed to remain a streamlined, productive and effective company - with less head count than one would think.  You could say - we're a small fish in a big pond. 

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August 11 ,2016

A Classic Spin on the "Work Environment"... Working in the “Arena”

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You’ve made it or are on the way.  You have that promotion to a supervisor/manager or maybe you’ve earned an executive position.  With your new position you have that corner larger cubicle or private office.  Is that a good work environment for you?  Be careful!  You need to carve out time to spend in the “arena”.

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August 10 ,2016

True Olympic Spirit

As you watch the Olympics in Rio this week take notice of a small group of athletes who are competing without a country. They are the Olympic Refugee Team. “These refugees have no home, no team, no flag, no national anthem,” International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said when he announced the selected athletes last month.

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August 09 ,2016

Wake Up!  The World Doesn't Work That Way Anymore

Posted in Insider | By: George Ritacco

All organizations, whether they are for profit or nonprofit, have traditionally evolved from the creative energy of their founders organizing stakeholders behind a common purpose. The founders function as the decision makers because we believe that they know better how to achieve the common purpose over time. As an organization matures, the founders invite other stakeholders to become decision makers, and the rest of the organization follows their collective leadership. This human organizing principle is so much the norm that we consider it natural. It has always happened this way and it still does. Until it doesn’t anymore!

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August 03 ,2016

Coliseum Design Still Best Today

Posted in Insider | By: April Freund

I had the privilege of making a trip to Italy a couple of years ago and the ancient feel of buildings and other structures was very much in full display.  One would think it would be there only for historic exposure and aesthetic purposes but a tour of the Coliseum revealed something very different. 

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August 02 ,2016

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