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Who Do You Know?  Simple Tips to Keep Your Info Private

Hello again friend! If you are reading this I know you and you know me because I know everyone and everyone knows me. You believe me right? Well, if you don’t you are not alone, I had a friend of mine that did not believe me either, so I told him to name someone. He said “fine, Tom Cruise”. I said “Oh ya, I went to high school with Tom we are good buddies”. So we flew out to Hollywood and went to Tom’s house. We knocked on the door and he answered and said “Hey Jeff! Good to see you again!

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April 28 ,2016

Implementation and How Change is a Good Thing

When most people say the words, “We are going to change some things around here”, panic starts to run throughout the crowd for no reason.  Why is it that everyone is afraid of the concept of change?  Without change, how do we learn, grow and become better at serving others who need our help?  Regardless if you are in IT, Social Work, Education or Health Care change is going to happen.  Instead of causing problems by resisting it, why don’t we figure how to make the process better? 

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April 27 ,2016

Nonprofit LEVERAGE



The word leverage, has become an unsavory Wall Street word that nonprofits avoid using because most people in finance associate the word with taking on a pile of debt to expand a limited amount of core capital. Merriam Webster defines leverage as “the use of credit to enhance one’s speculative capacity”.

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April 26 ,2016

Do You Have a Positive Work - Life Balance?


Today’s hectic fast paced world can take a toll on your personal life when you are left to choose between your work and your personal life.  Creating a positive work-life balance and not being the star performer on the job creates a fear of job loss.  Several studies over the past decade has shown that a negative work-life balance can result in harmful, levels of stress, reduced productivity, and even unhappiness in the home and at work.

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April 25 ,2016

The 9 Commandments of FAMCare Customizations

Don’t Think You Need a Drill When All You Really Need is a Hole

The key here is that many times the solution is given so much focus that the real goal of the requirement is overlooked.

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April 21 ,2016

5 Stress Relievers You Can Employ at the Workplace

Is stress as much a permanent fixture at your job as the office pool table?  Well at least here at GVT, the pool table is a permanent fixture. If you answered yes, you’re not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, workplace stress costs American companies an estimated $300 billion annually.

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April 20 ,2016

No Easy Answers... But, Charter Schools Help



For decades, well-meaning public servants and eager parental citizen groups have decried the quality of the American public school system. “Ed-reformers” claim that U.S. public schools are failing; that the culprits are bad teachers, teachers’ unions, and government bureaucracy.

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April 19 ,2016

NEW Child and Family Services Standards for Public Agencies


COA has developed new Child and Family Services Standards for Public Agencies that directly support agencies in meeting their missions to increase positive outcomes for the families and communities they serve. Through an extensive literature review and close partnership with our national Public Agency Accreditation Advisory Committee, we have merged and enhanced COA’s public standards for Child Protective Services (PA-CPS), Family Foster Care and Kinship Care (PA-FKC), Adoption Services (PA-AS), and Guardianship Services for Minors (PA-GSM). This work has culminated in our new Child and Family Services Standards (PA-CFS), which reflect the continuum of public child and family services, eliminate redundancy and overlap in areas such as assessment and service planning, and emphasize the importance of both strengthening families and promoting child safety, permanency, and well-being.

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April 14 ,2016

Stay Up To Date or Risk Falling Behind


So your organization has just completed the roll out of a new software system/ case management software system to:

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April 13 ,2016

The Healing Power of Respect - The Children First Academy

There is no better way to introduce you to the heart and soul of Children First Academy than to reproduce parts of their mission statement here.

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April 12 ,2016

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Strong, nurturing communities that are supportive of families can get involved and play a role in preventing child abuse and promoting child and family well-being.

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April 11 ,2016

Balancing Needs - Project Budget vs. a Successful Project

So here you are – after spending months (or weeks, or maybe just a few hours) evaluating your options, you have come to the conclusion that your agency cannot possibly get to the next stage in its growth without addressing the need to acquire a web-based database to facilitate your daily operations.  You have a valuable service to offer to your target demographic, proven methods, and a kickass team (can I say kickass?) – but when it comes time to answer the critical questions your stakeholders and funders are asking - you are at a loss as to how best to compile the data necessary to support your ongoing work.  And even more important - how do you know how to build your project budget?

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April 07 ,2016

11 Tips for a Successful Software Implementation


When you're ready to embark on your next software implementation - here are 11 tips from the trenches that will help you build a framework to help you keep your project on track.
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April 06 ,2016

A New Nonprofit... The Grocery Store

I am always edified and amazed when I discover another life-saving effort by the nonprofit community that FAMCare seeks to serve.  I recently came upon a report on the creation of community grocery stores in Nonprofit Quarterly that I wanted to share with you all.

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April 05 ,2016

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