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Leading Edge, Not Bleeding Edge

When smart phones first came out, it was predicted that everyone would eventually have one and that we couldn’t live without them.  That prediction has come true. 

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March 31 ,2016

Start With the Why!

Having been in technical sales almost my entire 30-year career, I was used to selling to a variety of industries.  Whether it was helping banks make more money using technology or helping the Department of Defense build fighter jets and other weapons equipment, I was always in it for the money and career reputation.

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March 30 ,2016

The Soul of Nonprofit

“Don’t tell people what you do…tell them why you do it” 

(Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action, TED Talks)

Mission-driven companies are forces to be reckoned with. Usually born out of a strong founder-led culture, mission-driven companies consistently outperform the competition. True passion for a mission is not something leaders can fake.

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March 29 ,2016

How to Pick the Right Person to OWN Your Next Software Project

Often times because someone uses the word “software” to title a project it is easily assumed the IT department will be managing this effort.  If that person from IT does not understand the agency  from front to back and has plenty of subject matter expertise,  it’s a mistake to make them the project manager.

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March 24 ,2016

Is Your Organization Out of Control?

About a year ago, we started the process of implementing a management system named the Entrepreneurial Operating System/EOS.  We decided we needed to make changes after we grew our company to a point and realized it had become such a challenge to manage the workloads and the personalities.

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March 23 ,2016

Rural Nonprofit Hospitals:  How the ACA is Putting Them in Danger

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March 22 ,2016

CASPA Chooses FAMCare Case Management Software to Help At-Risk Kids and Families

PRESS RELEASE: March 21, 2016

St. Louis, MO – CASPA (Child and Adolescent Specialist Programs and Accommodation), an Australian agency that supports and rebuilds the lives of children in foster care, and at-risk children and their families, has partnered with Global Vision Technologies, Inc. (GVT) to implement FAMCare human services software for their foster care and case management needs. The goal of FAMCare will be to help with structured information collection and analysis as they work with children and adolescents with complex needs and problems.

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March 22 ,2016

New Park Breaks Ground in Forsyth County, GA

Posted in Insider | By: George Ritacco

Whenever we can - we love to share news that features kids in our community.  Just recently it was announced that the county was building a new park for the kids in our local community.  The park will be one of the new recreational centers that will support kids lacrosse, as well as others sports.

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March 18 ,2016

It's Social Worker Month!

Social Work Month 2016 - Forging Solutions Out of Challenges

Our nation’s more than 600,000 social workers are amazing people.  They take on some of the most challenging issues facing children, families, individuals, communities and society and forge solutions that help people realize better outcomes in their lives, reach their full potential and make our nation a better place to live.

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March 18 ,2016

Data Island

Set your data free!

FAMCare alone can solve the vast majority of your organization’s data needs, but in some cases it’s necessary for other systems to exchange data with FAMCare.

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March 17 ,2016

World-Class Case Management on a Budget

How can a world-class case management system be built without breaking the bank?

When a large private or government agency implements an enterprise case management system, often they engage with a company that brings in full time project managers, developers, testers/trainers and others who are dedicated to the entire project for the entire time of implementation.  The agency generally provides office space and the project team becomes de-facto employees of the organization for months (or even years) until the system goes live.  In some implementations, the process is similar but the “de-facto” employees are at the vendor site, but at the beckon call of the customer.

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March 16 ,2016

Hospice at the VA

In today's rapid news cycle, we tend to hop from sensational story to sensational story rarely lingering long enough to get the full picture. In the past, this blog reported on the scandalous wait times that our veterans have endured in the VA system. It was so bad that some veterans died before getting in to see their VA Doctor. When the scandal came to light, many administrative heads rolled and the entire VA system was cast in a poor light. As is so often the case, however, there is so much more to the VA story.

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March 15 ,2016

Why Volunteer?

I once heard a bout recruitment night for Girl Scouts at a local scho ol.  At the close of the evening, t he list ended with about 2 0 little kindergarten girls ready to experience Daisy Girl Scouting.  However, not one parent signed up to be a leader.  One grandmother said she was willing to lead, but she could not be a leader alone, she needed help. Out of all 20 girls, not one parent would agree to co-lead.  Among their many excuses, “This is my time away from my daughter" was one that stuck out.     
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March 10 ,2016

What is a Software Plan?

A software plan is the overall guiding plan that takes into account the major parts to any custom development project.

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March 09 ,2016

One Bite at a Time

How do you eat an elephant?
…the old quip goes.
One bite at a time
…pipes the punchline.

In the world of nonprofit, the mission statement is the elephant that can't be digested in one bite. A great mission statement sums up the work and purpose of a nonprofit. It communicates to donors and employees alike what the nonprofit agency is all about.

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March 08 ,2016

Leadership Isn't Micromanagement

In the nonprofit world, it’s all about the mission, not the money.  While money drives outcomes, it isn’t the reason for what or why they do the work. When you can align the work to the mission, magical things happen.

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March 03 ,2016

How to Improve Communication for Better Project Management

"Communication can make or break a project. Here's how to make sure all the key players are always in the loop. "

I came across this great article that talks about communication and the important role communication plays in project management.  Communication is key to the success of every project. Not only in the planning phase and kickoff meeting, but also throughout the course of the project, and even after the completion of the project.

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March 03 ,2016

Homelessness - A Tragedy, Not a Crime

I was watching TV the other night and came across a report on the news about our country’s homeless situation.  In the report – it was mentioned that there is a devastating trend in our American cities to criminalize the homeless.  I’ve since done some research into this area, inquired about this issue further with a few clients and here’s what I’ve found…

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March 01 ,2016

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