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Find More Donors Today - Great Tools to Help

Posted by George Ritacco on Oct 31, 2012 4:48:00 PM

Chris Davenport over at Movie Mondays - a good group of folks who create video ideas that help nonprofits find and retain donors... just released a great offer in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  I'm just going to share the email I received in my INBOX today with you in case you want to take him up on his offer. He gives some great fundraising ideas! Here it goes:

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10 Secrets for Writing a Great Annual Report for Your Nonprofit

Posted by George Ritacco on Oct 23, 2012 9:33:00 AM

What are the elements that need to go into an annual report that will engage, inspire and influence your readers whether they be volunteers, donors, funders or board members?  

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3 Key Steps to Engaging "Skilled" Volunteers

Posted by George Ritacco on Oct 22, 2012 5:28:00 PM
Good morning!  I wanted to share an interesting video that breaks down a 3 step process to finding "skilled"... almost "professional" volunteers.  This video comes to us from the gang at MovieMondays - a great resource for nonprofits who are looking for help with fundraising.  These guys/gals put together a new video each Monday morning.  Check it out here.
In this week's video, Nancy Long will tell you why you should look for skilled volunteers. And then she'll walk you through the three stages of engaging skilled volunteers.
Here's the link to the video:
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