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A Key Tool for Successful Professional Development

Posted by George Ritacco on Apr 14, 2015 1:30:00 PM


If You Have the Will, We Have the Way 

The National Association of Social Workers states emphatically that: 

“Professional development is an essential activity for ensuring quality social work services. It is a self-directed process, which requires social workers to assume responsibility for the growth of their own professional knowledge base. Regardless of career stage, social workers are ethically required to keep informed of current research, theory, and techniques that guide social work practice to better serve clients and constituents.” 

Most well-intentioned social workers take every opportunity to advance their professional knowledge, but few are given either the time or the tools to get the job done. Their agencies are often understaffed and require case workers to carry an almost unreasonable case work burden. Although most agencies see the value in continuing education, they lack the tools to offer a comprehensive training program that can be integrated into the agency’s routine work flow.

Recognizing this gaping shortfall in social services management, the engineers at Global Vision Technologies designed and developed OmniTrack Plus, a learning management and content delivery module that enables management to create, schedule, deliver, and manage training classes via FAMCare

This highly sophisticated, but amazingly simple to use, software offers you the capability to:

  • Upload your e-learning material or create new training presentations with third-party authoring software.
  • Create exams with multiple-choice, matching, true and false, or other question types.
  • Utilize the test builder and grade book for unlimited test creation, question randomization and pooling, image upload, automatic feedback controls, and reporting on incorrect answers.
  • Easily convert and present your e-learning Power Point presentations with full voice-over, video and flash - allowing for an engaging, interactive multimedia experience for your employees.
  • Increase learner comprehension and time to competency by delivering training material that relates to three modalities of learning - auditory, visual and experiential.
  • Create Training Paths! Create and execute a 6 month training path for each group (e.g., caseworker, manager, clinician, foster parent, etc.).
  • Track in real time frequently missed questions, learning progress, class rosters, attendance, charts/graphs, etc. 

OmniTrack Plus is a professional development delivery system for on-the-job training. The creation of content has never been the problem. The NASW and other agencies and universities are constantly creating and updating massive amounts of content for social workers but, until now, no one has been able to figure out how to efficiently deliver content to a wide variety of professional consumers who cannot stop working and go back to school every month. The dedicated engineers at Global Vision Technologies have solved the problem.

Social Service agencies, both large and small, will be amazed at how comprehensive and adaptable OmniTrack Plus is. As only one part of the FAMCare universe of software solutions, this answer to social work’s professional development problem is often overlooked. 

Take a look, because...

If You Have the Will, We Have the Way 


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