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6 Ways Dungeons and Dragons Builds Life Skills

Posted by Chris Ettere on Aug 31, 2016 2:00:00 PM


For the majority of its life, Dungeons & Dragons has attracted fear, ridicule and threats of censorship from those who don’t play or understand the game. It is surrounded by a storm of negative connotations and emotions. David M. Ewalt, the author of “Of Dice and Men: The Story of Dungeons & Dragons and the People Who Play It,” writes, “If you’re an adult who plays … you’re a loser, you’re a freak, you live in your parents’ basement.”

The game has been accused of being “a breeding ground for the occult and witchcraft” and “a melting pot of sociopathic behaviors.” One mother, whose D. & D.-playing son committed suicide, blamed all her son’s problems on the game and went and started an organization called Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons (BADD).*

Now is the time to tell you the real truth about it all… One thing that you never hear about is how Playing D & D can make you more successful in real life. WHAT! Can this be true? The answer is YES!

Here are 6 helpful "life skills" that are learned by playing D&D

  1. Playing in a group fosters team building skills
  2. In game scenarios increase day to day out of the box and agile thinking
  3. Quests in the game help you realize and motivate you to reach your goals
  4. Problem solving in the game helps increase real life problem solving skills.
  5. Lessons about managing money, upkeep of property and relationships
  6. Increases on the fly mathematic skills

For those that think it isn’t cool to play Dungeon & Dragons here is a list of 12 famous successful people play actively. A good reminder for all of us not to judge a book by its cover, it just might be the secret to their success.

Vin Diesal – Actor

Tim Duncan - NBA

Mike Myers - Actor

Stephen Colbert – TV personality

Kevin Smith – Actor / Director

Felicia Day - Actress

Stephen King - Author

Wil Wheaton - Actor

Dwayne Johnson – Actor / Ex Wrestler

Joss Whedon - Producer / Marvel Studios

Curt Schilling – MLB Arizona Diamondbacks

Jon Favreau - Actor


And let's not forget all of the cool things you an find in the moat.  :-)

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